Other Resources

  • JSOC 'Lookdata' (Advanced Web-based search)
    JSOC "Lookdata" (Advanced Web-based search)
    The Joint Science Operations Center (JSOC) gives access to export HMI
    and AIA primary observable datasets.
  • Virtual Solar Observatory (VSO)
    Virtual Solar Observatory (VSO)
    Search for SDO and other solar physics data based on time, spectral range, physical observable and other parameters.
  • EVE Data Access
    EVE Data Access
    Plots & numerical data from EVE
  • SolarSoft IDL Interface
    SolarSoft IDL Interface
    SolarSoft is a set of software libraries, data bases, and system utilities for analyzing data used in solar physics.
  • NetDRMS
    Describes a system used to access the HMI/AIA archive for workflow processing; requires a dedicated Linux server and a sizeable disk array.
  • LMSAL Cutout Service
    LMSAL Cutout Service
    Retrieve cutouts of AIA and HMI data, rather than full disk images. This tool works with the browse (Near Real Time) data. This allows for a rapid viewing of the solar event, but the final spacecraft pointing information is not available for several days after an observation is made. The tracked-patch service at the JSOC should be used when extremely accurate alignment is required.